I crave all About juice, for about 18 months religiously I pick up my juices from Natalie at all about juice. These juices are by far the best I have ever tasted. From the moment I first met Natalie I knew she understood what I needed and I have continued to follow her ideas with her juices. My mood my hair , nails and skin all feel amazing when I'm taking my juice daily, I noticed the difference what I was on holiday that my hair and nails where not as good as I wasn't taking Natalie's juices . I take these as I have stomach problems and the juices that Natalie prepares for me helps to calm my symptoms, my youngest son loves his juices too and if I forget to pick one up for him he quickly tells me that I need to remember to get his juice from Natalie as he knows that she makes it especially for humans he loves it.

I have recently managed to get my dad to start taking them. In January I gave him his first juice and he was unsure but drank it. Now he also asks me did you remember to get my juices from Natalie as he too craves it. Natalie is amazing, full of life and a huge character for such a little thing. Without fail everyday my juices are freshly prepared and ready for me to pick up from Natalie and her girls. Great juices, great service, awesome start to my day!

Nikki, Glasgow

My journey on the 4 week plan with all about juice.....

I thought I would go and do the detox but after speaking with Natalie she suggested doing a food diary first so she could see what would suit me best and I thought this would be easy as I don't eat a lot but nearly died when I saw what I actually do eat; my intake of sugar and my food diary was embarrassing. That's when Natalie decided I needed the 4 week plan. She got me off the sugar with 2 juices a day and a healthy meal which was tailor made for me. The first week I felt brighter, more energy, and by the second week I had done a three hour walk and a yoga class in the one day, never feeling hungry as I was snacking on healthy snacks and  by this point I had lost 6 pounds.

The third week I was well into the healthy eating and also had my family eating healthy, I had also lost another two pounds by the end of this week and all set for my three day detox. One the first day I felt fluey taking the four juices wasn't a problem but by the forth one didn't really need it as wasn't feeling hungry. the second day was hard as I wasn't working but with the help of Natalie and her encouraging phone call helped me through it. The third day was much easier I was just so looking forward to poached egg and avocado for breakfast. After my detox I had lost another 3 pounds, that was 11 pounds altogether my only regret was that I never took a before and after picture or measured myself to see how many inches I had lost. I would recommend the four week plan to anyone as it is tailor made to your needs. I couldn't have done this without Natalie's help and support she made it that bit easier for me.

These pics are before and after our 10 day juice cleanse followed by a week of high protein low carb diet, there was some chicken eaten throughout the 10 days juicing to keep up protein intake! Pretty good results! 98kg down to 85kg

Amazing results above from one of our clients this week! The top picture was taken on the Monday and the bottom one after her detox. Well done!

"A happy juicer, Glasgow"

"A happy 2 day juicer"

3 day detox before and after.


Online Review.... 




I was very impressed with everything, from start to finish, Natalie was very supportive throughout the 3 days and after, texting me to see how I was getting on.
I was a bit apprehensive to start with, I thought I was going to feel very hungry throughout the detox, but I was very wrong, all the juices really filled me up!
I have lost 4 pounds in the 3 days, & I have managed to keep the weight off!!
I am feeling less bloated & my energy levels are up! So it was well worth it, I would so recommend ‘All About Juice’ to anyone who feels a bit sluggish!!

"Collette, Glasgow"



I totally enjoyed taking part in the detox for the three days, I was well aware that juicing can be enormously beneficial for health, and can also help you lose weight as part of a balanced diet plan which is and was my main goal to try it.

It has now gave me the kick start that I wanted basically to give my body a break from all of the strange chemicals I have been putting into my body which challenges it to process until now.
I feel very strong to keep my healthy eating plan and Juicing going all thanks to Allaboutjuice.

I will be passing this information on to my friends and family and hopefully can get everyone else to join in and feel mentally happy with themselves and get out of their eating habits.

"Louise, Glasgow"

The service I received was amazing, from my initial enquiry, during detox and even the after-care. All about juice supported me along the way which kept me remaining positive throughout the 3 days. I’m not going to lie but it can be hard at times to remain focused day 1 was difficult but it does get easier once you feel more energised. I didn’t get as tired during the day as I normally did. I didn’t suffer any headaches etc but think that may be down to not being a coffee drinker anyway.Once finished I was proud of myself for completing the detox as I felt more energised, my skin felt great and I had lost 5lbs from my ‘mummy tummy’ which was a bonus!!!

 Can’t wait until the shop opens to pop in!!

"Joanne, Glasgow"

I was feeling very anxious about starting the juicing the thought of having no food for 3 days is scary. Starting on day one having fresh juices delivered by Shona to my work which was a bonus, the juices were really nice and the variety made them all the more palatable and made me feel full. By day 2 I was feeling more refreshed and had a great night’s sleep and the encouragement from the all about juice girls was fantastic. Daily emails and messages to see how I was getting on were pushing me through to the finish. Day 3 I felt amazing for the past 3 days I had the best night’s sleep in months and was feeling completely refreshed, less bloated and the added bonus of being 4lbs lighter. I will definitely be doing another detox in a few months. Thank you girls.

"Leanne, Glasgow"

I found the juices very tasty and very fresh. I thought I would have been starving- but was actually fine. I also noticed a massive lift in my energy & concentration which I was not expecting. I did not have any side effects at all and I am looking forward to do this every month until my wedding.

"Laura, Glasgow"

I was pleasantly surprised how easy it was to complete the 3 day detox. The juices were tasty and very filling and the texts of encouragement from Natalie and Shona were a really nice touch and really helped to keep me going. Already planning out my 2014 Detox dates!

"Julie, Glasgow"

I overall enjoyed the 3 day detox, it's helped with bloating, tiredness, skin and hair felt so fresh. The girls are always there to answer any queries you have and are happy to help. Hard the first day but once your past that you'll manage. Lost 5 1/2 over the 3 days. Would recommend to anyone feeling rubbish.

"Siobhan, Glasgow"

I was sceptical about using this as with my stomach issues over the years I was unsure if this was really for me and advisable but after the 3 days i felt amazing and to not feel bloated as i had for months before was a great feeling for me and made everything worth while

"Sean, Glasgow"

I thoroughly enjoyed my 3-day juice detox and was delighted to have lost 4lbs at the end of it. I thought it would be a really hard thing to do but it was really easy to stick to. The juices were delivered to my office each morning and there was great support by text during the 3 days. I feel energised and refreshed after my 3 day detox. I would recommend this to anyone who needs to kick-start weight loss or who feels like they need their batteries recharged.

"Joanne, Glasgow"

The All About Juice Team were absolutely fabulous - so helpful and informative about the detox, ingredients etc. They were able to work in with my everyday life and deliver the juices when it suited me. I have had issues sleeping and on the 3 days I was on the plan, I can honestly say that I had THE most amazing night's sleep! Not only that but on Day 3 I had lost a huge amount of bloating around my belly. I will definitely do the detox again and have recommended to all of my friends. Thanks again Girls!

"Tara, Glasgow"

I have just completed my three day juicing and although I found it hard (as I have a sweet tooth), I do feel that it was beneficial for me. The cons for me: I was quite tired as I usually consume a lot of caffeine and I found it hard not having any hot food due to the cold weather. The pros: I received all the vitamins and minerals I need which has helped my skin, I feel generally a bit healthier, I am less bloated and have lost a few lbs. All in all a very positive experience.
"Kirsty, Glasgow"

I have really enjoyed my three day experience. I am sleeping better have no pain in my stomach and have enjoyed taking the juices. I would definitely consider making it part of my normal monthly routine. Lost 3 pounds in the process.

"Connie H, Glasgow"


I am so happy with the results of my 3 day detox. After 9 months of gaining weight due to cancer treatment I was left feeling sluggish and bloated. This detox has been just what I needed, I feel like it’s cleansed out my body and I lost an amazing 11lbs!!! I feel I have slept better and have more energy. The juices are gorgeous and very filling. I would definitely do another detox and juicing will now be part of my daily routine – you can actually feel the goodness! Thanks All About jUice xxx

"Lyndsey McAteer"

I was really excited to start the detox as I have heard so much about all the features and benefits, so the expectation was high. And the experience more than lived up to the expectation! Never once did I feel hungry, even though I was surrounded by temptation of working in a Foodhall. Neither did I feel lightheaded or a headache come on and I felt full of energy all day. The one thing I didn’t expect to be missing was the sensation of chewing food, however this was only with me for day 1.
The results were great. I feel better both inside and outside. I feel cleansed inside my body and I don’t want to loose that feeling. I feel that I have more energy and am less lethargic than I have been. And I can noticably see a difference to my body shape – although that wasn’t my main goal through this experience.

What I enjoyed most though was the delivery and “after care” service provided by the team, always on hand to answer any questions and support when I needed it.

Overall a great few days and something I plan to do multiple times through the year, places permitting.

"Mathew Mcneil"

Overall I feel I got better sleep during the 3 days. I feel my skin is healthier too. I wasn’t doing it for weight loss so I didn’t weigh myself. I did however measure my tummy but there was no change. I wasn’t expecting any change anyway as I wasn’t particularly bloated beforehand.
I know that a lot of the benefits I have received are internal & that’s what I was looking for. I will be continuing eating healthily now to enforce these benefits.

"Eilidh Jones"

"I tried the 3 day juice detox and was pretty scared on the first morning when 4 juices arrived ! However I was very pleasantly surprised at how tasty & filling they were. Each night I went to bed very smug & proud of myself for sticking to it!

By day 3 I was delighted to be back on solid food but did not stuff my face with chocolate and toast like I imagined I would, as I didn’t want to undo all my good work. It’s month after my detox & I am definitely eating less and thinking more about what I eat.

I have lost about 5lbs, my skin is brighter & I have more energy.

I would recommend it to anyone thinking about kick starting a more healthy eating lifestyle, after just juice for 3 days, cutting down on carbs is a walk in the park!

The fact there was no hassle of buying all the correct ingredients, preparing loads of fruit &veg & then cleaning up the mess was what attracted me to All About Juice. It was lovely to know that the juices had all been freshly prepared that morning & brought to the door with a smile & lots of words of encouragement.

It was something I had fancied doing for a while & I’m so glad I did"

"Claire Wadsworth"

"I tried the 3-day detox as I had been feeling pretty bloated for a while. The fresh juices were delivered to my door each morning and I was surprised at how pleasant they tasted. The second night was probably the trickiest but once I had got that far I was determined to keep going. I lost 6 pounds over the 3 days and more importantly, lost actual fat in places where I've not been able to shift it for years. I thought I'd be ravenous after the 3 days but it really has reinvigorated my taste buds and I'm eating more fruit and vegetables than ever before. I would recommend anyone to try juicing for a kick start to a healthier lifestyle.

"Sonja Kerr"

Just recently completed my first ever 3 day detox, and I am pleasantly surprised as to how much it has made an impact on me. Day one was the hardest and to be honest I wasn't sure I was going to be able to manage the 3 days, but after a good nights sleep day 2 was a lot easier. Day 3 was a walk in the park and I felt like I could have kept going. I suffer from bad heartburn and always feel bloated. The first thing I noticed was that these two symptoms did not bother me for the full 3 days. As a result the detox has definitely made me re-evaluate my eating and I am now in the process of eliminating things like caffeine and dairy products which I have now learned from my consultation, could be the cause of my heartburn and symptoms. It's been a week after my detox and after making these changes I can honestly say I wish I had done this years ago. I have already signed up for detox number 2 and I am not ashamed to admit that I underestimated how much this detox can help you. To top it all off, I lost 5 pounds a long the way!

"Elizabeth, Glasgow"