Apple Cider Vinegar

For centuries people have been using natural Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) as a medicine and for skin. Six weeks ago I decided to start drinking and also cleansing my face with ACV. Not just any apple cider vinegar – “Braggs” which contains “mother” strands of proteins, enzymes and friendly bacteria these are the features that give this vinegar the health benefits. Although lacking in many minerals and vitamins it does contain some antioxidants and amino acids. I decided to try this as I had read lots of articles on its benefits on skin and we all want vibrant fresh faces, also it has been reported that if taken prior to meals it aids digestion of nutrients. I have been taking x3 teaspoons per day diluted in water.

The taste even diluted will not be for everyone but for me it was fine as I like the taste of vinegar and used to drink it out of pickle jars haha! I take my first in the morning, lunchtime then before dinner. I’ve read all sorts of water to vinegar ratios so I mixed one teaspoon with a quarter glass of water.

I had a bit of a sore throat last week so had my morning one in hot water with lemon and have to say it did help. I have been using it as a toner for 2 weeks and instantly my skin felt so soft it seems to work by reducing fine lines and also tightens the skin and pores. However a few days after I got some random spots which cleared up quickly, I don’t know if it was because I was a bit run down or the ACV giving my skin a bit of a detox. I wouldn’t recommend this for sensitive skin or anyone with particularly dry skin and would recommend using it 3 times a week rather than every day. We are all different so what suits one skin or digestion type won’t necessarily suit another.

For my skin I mixed this same ratio of water to vinegar I used for drinking, applied with cotton wool pads left to dry in for a few miniutes then rinsed with warm water.

ACV is also used for weight loss as it is claimed that taking it 20-30 mins before meals it works by making you feel fuller quicker due to the acetic acid suppressing appetite, increasing metabolism and reducing water retention. Listed below are some of the other uses for apple cider vinegar:

Helps relieve asthma

Relieves hiccups

Lowers blood pressure

Helps aid weight loss and breakdown fat

Helps reduce/prevent acne

Soothes bug bites

Lowering cholesterol

Prevention of flu and stomach upset

Reduce inflammation & relieving arthritis

Condition and detangles hair

Helps relieve gout

Helps lower glucose levels in diabetics

Get rid of warts

Relieves gall stone pain

Teeth whitening

There is no scientific evidence for these findings however it has been used for many years for the above. I will keep on drinking it and keeping it as part of my daily diet. Around 60 days is when you are anticipated to feel the full benefits, I definitely see a difference in my skin and don’t feel as bloated after eating. I also feel that it has helped to fight my sore throat. You don’t have to drink it the way I do it is also beneficial used in a salad dressing or added to raw juice. I would avoid drinking it neat as it can slightly burn your throat and I would only recommend Braggs as it is “the mother” that contains the main benefits and its organic raw and unpasteurised. It’s definitely worth trying this and it can be bought on ebay or Amazon.

Natalie xxx

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